Flags part of US history

Regarding the recent article about a flag display: There were multiple American flags used in the Civil War (known in the South as “the war of northern aggression.”) All those flags represented our great nation and still do, it’s part of our history. Some of us should learn about history before condemning it.

Bob Donnell

Cape May

Biggest is big enough

There was a person who owned the biggest house in the world. One day, he decided that he wanted to make it bigger.

His family, friends and neighbors asked him, “Why would you want to make your house bigger? It is already the biggest in the world?” “Why not?” was the reply.

So he kept on making additions onto the largest house in the world.

The point is, if you already own the largest house, car, boat or plane in the world, why would you want to make it bigger?

That applies to countries, also.

Jim Munroe


Nuclear power has issues

Regarding the recent commentary by Katie Tubb, “Time to come ‘clean’ on nuclear power”:

I take issue with the omissions. Although nuclear power is touted as being emission free, the same can be said for renewable energies (solar and wind).

Nuclear power depends on a finite source of uranium. Also there are enormous government subsides for nuclear power.

Do the names Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island ring a bell? Accidents do happen; not frequently but they certainly have had some lasting impact.

There is still no definitive way to get rid of nuclear waste. When John F. Kennedy expounded on the use of nuclear power in 1963 as a viable energy source, I believe he would have projected that by 2020 the USA would have figured out how to render harmless nuclear waste. (We put a man on the moon, for goodness’ sake.) That has not happened.

Consider all the situations and facts before seeing nuclear power equal to renewable energy.

Suzanne Marx

Mays Landing

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