Utility’s plan will help increase electric vehicles

New Jersey’s transportation sector is a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state, and electric vehicles (EVs) can play an essential role in reducing the state’s carbon footprint. Lowering emissions has both immediate and long-term effects, producing cleaner air and water which benefit the environment and the health of communities.

Electric vehicles are an important component in the clean energy future we must move toward quickly. EVs have a history of successful use and are a viable alternative to cars and trucks powered by fossil fuels. At the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), of which I am president, low and zero emission vehicles are an important component of our green fleet. Publicly accessible EV charging stations are located at ACUA’s Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township facilities. ACUA has assisted in the installation of publicly accessible chargers at Atlantic Cape Community College, the Mays Landing Library and the county public works yard in Northfield.

Every year, the variety of EVs available and the distance they can travel on a charge increases. However, drivers need to know they’ll be able to easily access charging stations. EVs and chargers must be affordable to use and to install.

ACUA is pleased to see Atlantic City Electric’s plans to advance clean energy and a clean transportation future through its recent filing with the state Board of Public Utilities. Atlantic City Electric’s proposal provides incentives that will expand critical charging infrastructure by installing public charging stations across southern New Jersey where they are sorely needed. Rebates proposed would reduce the cost of charging equipment for homes, multifamily dwellings, workplaces and business fleets. This proposal includes options for residential customers to pay lower off-peak rates when charging vehicles overnight. Atlantic City Electric’s proposal addresses other key transportation sectors including public transit and school buses and includes grants to spark new initiatives through an innovation fund.

The widespread adoption of EVs can be transformational for New Jersey. Atlantic City Electric’s proposal will go far to advance the necessary expansion of EV programs and services and could greatly benefit South Jersey’s economy, environment and the health of its citizens.

Richard Dovey

Egg Harbor Township

Supports Van Drew

Politically and philosophically Rep. Jeff Van Drew and I are somewhat opposites. However, when it comes to representing his constituency I am 100% in his corner.

Many Democrats were chagrined by his vote against impeachment. As Van Drew is approachable, unlike his predecessor, he would explain that no matter what the House of Representatives does, the motion to impeach would die a very quick death in the Republican-controlled Senate.

For this people want to castigate him? They should be happy that they have elected a man who can think for himself and not waste taxpayer dollars tilting at windmills as in Don Quixote.

Van Drew is a man of the people, all people, and is willing to lend his expertise in an attempt to help his constituency. Please don’t sit back and complain until you have had a chance to converse with him and realize that your vote put the right man in at the right time.

Having always voted for the man rather then the party, I would encourage others to do so.

Who was better for South Jersey than Rep. Bill Hughes? I hope and believe that will be Rep. Van Drew.

I remain a Republican who can differentiate between party and representation. People should try it.

Bill Darling

Cape May Court House

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