Careful with Tax Amnesty

Before applying for the New Jersey Tax Amnesty program, people should make sure they really owe back taxes. For years, the N.J. Division of Taxation has been using a system called Tax Data Warehouse in which they check income reported on state income tax returns with that on federal returns. When more is reported to the feds than the state, the division recalculates the taxpayer’s N.J. return and bills them for unpaid taxes and interest.

There is a huge problem with this: (1) they send out the tax bills without first requesting an explanation from the taxpayer, and (2) many retirees participating in certain retirement plans would expect to see a difference in their returns because money contributed and then withdrawn from such plans has already been taxed by the state, but not the feds.

I am well aware of this problem because four times since 2013 I have been targeted by the Division of Taxation. All four times the division acknowledged I did not owe back taxes.

I fear that many of my fellow retirees may have also been sent unwarranted tax bills, and they should be very careful before signing up for Tax Amnesty.

Dave Gruber

Mays Landing

Lost prescription found

I accidentally dropped my prescription in the Sam’s Club parking lot. A Christmas angel found it and returned it to the pharmacy, filling me with gratitude and helping keep the holidays happy.

Carol Care


Maybe Stockton could help keep Miss America

Stockton University providing the Miss America Organization with administration office space and services would be a totally out of the box uncharted configuration.

Women’s history and studies departments would be well-served documenting evolutionary repurposing and Miss America programming. Stockton is innovative public education and markets human resources at their finest, while eliminating policies that oppress humanity.

Miss America doesn’t deserve to be told to leave now and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Miss America was one of the best events to happen to Atlantic City. The state and city should think twice about ending support for it.

Opel Dash

Cape May

Media patriotism doubted

I know that the mainstream media are still heartbroken that Hillary Clinton is still not, nor ever will be, the president.

These lame media outlets, especially CNN and MSNBC, seem like they might on not be on the side of the U.S. even in another world war.

Vic Maestri

Old Forge, Pennsylvana

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