Wrongly backed Van Drew

One reason Rep. Jeff Van Drew gave for not voting for impeachment was it would be too divisive for the country. I think he’s either just stupid or living on Mars. Since President Trump took office he has lied and divided this country.

So Van Drew is way late. The only reason I voted for him was the other guy was much worse. Boy I was wrong.

Stan Alten


Backs Van Drew change

Congressman Jeff Van Drew is a very principled man because he went against his peers in the U.S. House of Representatives and followed his own principles to turn Republican. Yes, you might say that he took a big chance and failed. But did he really fail? And, in this important time in history there is no room for mistakes.

President John F. Kennedy wrote a famous book, “Profiles in Courage,” in which he looked at a handful of leaders who showed courage in their time. I’ve always been impressed with this book because it showed that it was possible for even men in high office to follow their principles, whatever they may be.

And Van Drew definitely fits this description. The fact he voted against impeachment impressed me. Now a party change. I think JFK would have been proud.

May Huddleston

Atlantic City

Immigrant licenses?

I have heard everything now. Gov. Phil Murphy is giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. When I got my license, I had to show my birth certificate. Will these people have to do the same? When I have to get my license renewed (after over 40 years) I have to show five forms of ID and proof of residence. Will they?

How will the state know if they are who they say they are? How will it know if they have violations where they came from? What if they take their N.J. license to another state and get a license there?

What happened to all of the security after 9/11? Don’t forget!

Gary Shoff

Egg Harbor Township

Van Drew refund needed

Rep. Jeff Van Drew is a true Republican. I believe he lies to the American people just like President Donald Trump.

He let down people who contributed to his campaign.. He should be made to repay the money he received to run his campaign

John Gurakl

Galloway Township

NJ is California east

Driver’s licenses for illegals? The next proposal from the New Jersey Legislature and mindless Gov. Phil Murphy might well be changing the name New Jersey to East California.

Gene Chojnacki

Ocean View

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