Van Drew for governor?

It is unusual today for a U.S. congressman to vote against their party, especially on this partisan impeachment BS that the Democratic Party has wasted the taxpayers’ time and money on. I am a Republican and did not vote for Rep. Jeff Van Drew, but he is now my hero and I welcome him to the “sane” party.

How many more Democrats will jump the socialist ship led by the AOC squad? Quite a few I think. The 2020 election will be the biggest landslide Republican victory in history and maybe bring the Democrat-Socialist party back to the JFK Democratic Party we all knew and loved.

I hope Van Drew runs for New Jersey governor. We sure need a big change in Trenton!

George Krafft


Trump is the worst

Regarding the recent letter, “Supports Van Drew stance”:

The writer stated that people who criticized Rep. Jeff Van Drew should be ashamed for blindly following the do-nothing Democrats. Van Drew should have waited until his next election if he wanted to switch parties. He was dishonest and has no integrity in running as a Democrat, being elected as a Democrat, and then switching parties.

Most of the 400 bills the writer speaks of awaiting action are on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk awaiting action from the do-nothing Republicans — the same President Trump and Republicans that were going to give Americans the greatest health insurance package which they never delivered.

The only sheep-like supporters are the Republicans, both the senators and voters who continue to support a dishonest president who tried to get dirt on his political opposition, used his charitable foundation to raise money for political purposes, and paid $25 million to settle lawsuits involving his Trump University.

Talk about sheep, the neutered Republican senators continue to listen to the lies this president tells, which only shows that it’s more important for them to keep their positions than to make the right decisions for the country.

The letter writer should stop trying to convince non-Republicans that the party is so great when it continues to enable not only the worst president the nation has ever had but an even worst person.

Ralph Modugno

Somers Point

Impeach articles bogus

The two vague and subjective one-sided articles of impeachment conjured up by congressional Democrats are hypocritical.

Blinded by their feelings about President Trump, they used nonsensical interpretations of what the old white men they seem to despise so much specified in the Constitution to support their case against the president.

Think about how they concocted one superficial accusation after another, from collusion and obstruction to quid pro quo to bribery to whatever, in an effort to divine something that the American people might believe is acceptable.

Ettore”Ed” Cattaneo

North Cape May

Impeach trial for Senate

The House voting to impeach means almost nothing, and is only a small symbolic “victory” of their political unity. It does not prove any wrongdoing, or remove the president. It just means that the impeachment process can move forward to the Senate, which is an actual legal trial.

In the Senate, the proceedings unfold in the form of a trial, with the senators deciding whether to call witnesses and perform cross-examinations. The House members present the prosecution case, and the impeached official has the right to mount a defense with his or her own attorneys as well. Senators must also take an oath or affirmation that they will perform their duties honestly and with due diligence. After hearing the charges, the Senate usually deliberates in private. The Constitution requires a two-thirds super majority to convict a person being impeached.

Giancarlo Ioannucci


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