Wants unified primaries, Congress term limits

I am a 71-year-old, self-employed business person who has been an activist my entire life. I tell everyone that it is a personality defect but when I see something broken, I try to fix it.

I have had two dreams in our political environment. One, for years I have written elected officials and pleaded with them to consider having primary elections, like our general elections, on the same day in every state so that we may all have the opportunity to vote for the same slate of candidates.

My second passionate plea is to initiate a movement to have term limits for senators and congressmen. Of course, my pleas have fallen on deaf ears. It is the only issue that the two parties agree to oppose. We have it for president. Why not for them? I am sick and tired of the 20-, 30- and 40-year elected officials. Everyone says you can vote them out. Good luck!

At least one wish has begun the first step to becoming a reality. I am ecstatic to give credit to U.S. women for stepping up to the plate and saying enough is enough. This inappropriate sexual behavior by male elected officials has to stop. I predict in 2018 we will see many of these lifer politicians telling us that they have decided not to seek reelection so they can spend more time with their families. Yeah sure. Thank the ladies.

Richard G. Gober


Tax reform will push U.S. into the dark ages

Approximately 95 percent of the wealth in the U.S. is concentrated within 5 percent of the population. Only Third World countries such as Colombia and Venezuela have a comparable distribution of wealth. This wealth asymmetry is two and three times as large as that in the historical monarchies of the United Kingdom and France, respectively, according to economist Paul Krugman.

Social Security and Medicare have been targets of the Republican right since the days of Barry Goldwater. I think they believe social safety nets are one of the few things about the U.S. government that can be ecumenically embraced and therefore, they must be destroyed.

The current “Robin-Hood-in-reverse” tax law was not only unnecessary but will increase the deficit by about $1 trillion, eliminate health care for millions and provide further funding for the apparatus that makes the condition of madness possible. In addition, the deficit increase will be used at a later point to justify the dismantling of Social Security and Medicare.

It is astonishing that the lofty public service government envisioned by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson of the Enlightenment has devolved to one of self-serving unbridled capitalism and gluttonous consumption (peppered with chilling stupidity and bottomless narcissism) for the few.

Rather than adopting a smart path of proud and respectable forward progress for the betterment of all, one paradoxically prefers to slouch and snarl down a destructive retrograde road to the dark ages.

John Raymond Stanks