Allow campground homes

At a recent Egg Harbor Township Committee meeting, one topic was that the lifelong residents of the Egg Harbor River Campground community are not going to be able to stay there year-round because of the law.

Township officials have cited an old law that prevents year-round living at the campground, but residents said they didn’t know that there was a law preventing year-round occupancy. I wonder why there is a law saying that they can’t stay. As long as they are not a big problem, they should be able to stay. The bigger problem is these people may be homeless and have nowhere to go. I think something can be worked out if Township Committee is willing to listen.

Kanoa Lee

Egg Harbor Township

Dislike of Trump will last

There will be a lot of books written about Trump, there are a lot now, but in history.

He thinks people will remember him well. I don’t think so. They will have his insulting tweets and lies on record forever.

There is the me-too movement, and he said about a woman who accused him of rape, “she’s not my type.” If he was trying to be funny, he should know that rape is not funny.

Trump has always been an employer, not an employee.

Well, now Trump is an employee, working for all the people of the United States.

He should act like it.

Juanita Hooper

Atlantic City

Over-valuing casinos led to Atlantic City woes

Atlantic City’s $400 million-plus debt is partly caused by casino assessment appeals that the city lost. There must be 25 cities in the United States that have casinos and I don’t hear about any assessment problems in them.

If our casinos had been properly assessed in the first place, we wouldn’t have this mess.

Nor would we have the Pilot program in lieu of real estate taxes with its fine print two-year moratorium on alternative-tax payments to the city that not many overpaid part-time councilmen knew about.

Alan Stowe

Atlantic City

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