Expand care options with Disability Integration Act

An important bill, the Disability Integration Act, deserves attention and support. This act would make long term care options universal for people in every state whether the resident has private or public insurance. Seniors and those living with a disability would be affected.

Currently the choice between staying at home with supports/adaptive equipment or moving into a nursing home isn’t an option in every state. In some states, the only option is a nursing home facility. Essentially, the degree of freedom as a person with a disability is dependent on which state the person lives in. (People change jobs, divorce, etc.) I think people should have the ability to relocate to any state and have the same choices.

Study after study reveals there are many benefits for those who can remain at home and chose to remain at home. Longevity, quality of life, social opportunities, family stability and cost savings are among the advantages.

The Disability Integration Act would ensure private and public insurance companies that cover long term care will provide both home-based and community-based services in all states as an alternative to institutionalization.

The bill currently has bipartisan and bicameral support. I’m the director of the Atlantic Center for Independent Living Inc. and I recently joined a group of supporters who visited the office of New Jersey Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone to ask him to co-sponsor the bill. (All other N.J. representatives are co-sponsors.) His support would be helpful to move the bill to committee and people should urge him to provide it.

Donald Campbell

Egg Harbor Township

Recycling less now

Bigger recycling carts? Why would someone need a bigger recycling container when the Atlantic County Utilities Authority has reduced the amount of items that can be recycled with the slogan “when in doubt, throw it out”? My once full blue bucket has plenty of room now.

Dave Hunsberger

Mays Landing

Conservative president becoming less likely

The Democrats are doing all in their power to gain full control of the country. And one of their ways would be the elimination of the Electoral College.

They already control the Northeastern states and the West Coast, and without the Electoral College they would override the popular vote of the rural or conservative states.

Due in part to the high tax rates of the Democratic states referenced above, there is a migration from them to states like Florida, Texas and Arizona that have lower taxes. I think some of these people moving previously approved the taxing policies of elected individuals and will do so again once they relocate. I think that Democrats, instead of pushing for an end of the Electoral College through a constitutional convention, should just wait for the lower tax states to turn from red to blue.

The way I envision it, 2020 will be the last hope for a conservative president. After that, it will be a sad day for America, as many may no longer have a say in how their country is managed.

Ted Hesser

Mays Landing

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