U.S. to blame for Iran making nuclear weapons

We keep being told that Iran is a threat to regional and world security. Yet the Pentagon’s own assessment of Iran which it sends Congress every year describes Iran’s military as purely defensive. Iran spends a fourth as much on its military as Saudi Arabia, about a 50th as much as the United States. The Pentagon also has described Iran’s efforts to develop a nuclear weapon as a deterrent to foreign invasion.

Perhaps the Iranians fear the country that toppled Iran’s democratically elected government in 1951 to install a brutal dictator friendly to U.S. interests. The U.S. also shot down an Iran Air airliner in 1998 with 290 people on board. President George W. Bush named Iran a part of the ‘’Axis of Evil’’ in 2002 following 9/11 even though Iran had no link to 9/11, which was perpetrated by extremist Sunni Muslims who view Shia Iranians as apostates. The U.S. has imposed sanctions on Iran since it took Americans hostage in 1979.

I view the U.S. as threatening to invade Iran for the past 40 years. If I were an Iranian, I would long ago have understood that only a nuclear weapon could protect me from America.

They will definitely develop a nuclear weapon and it’s 100% the fault of moronic U.S. foreign policy.

Jonathan Mann

Egg Harbor Township

Too many rotten apples employed by the public

An off-duty Lower Township police lieutenant who was arrested for DWI (with a.36 alcohol level) has a year of paid administrative leave and will be allowed to “retire,” salary $127,000 annually. The Mullica chief of police negotiated a big raise and back pay for three years then “retired” two weeks later with six months of paid administrative leave, taking about $200,000 with him this year. West Wildwood’s mayor put the boot to taxpayers by rehiring his housemate and bumping her salary from $64,000 to $101,000, after she won a $1.7 million verdict against the town (with the insurer saying the lawsuit wasn’t adequately defended), then the borough hires his daughter. He prompted the highest ever ($24,500) state ethics violation fines.

Police officers, firefighters, teachers and others have scammed at least $25 million in fake prescription schemes. They all seem to be getting a slap on the wrist, while their supporters tell the rest of us morons how good these people are!

There used to be a saying, “One bad apple spoils the barrel,” but these public sector employees are on top of the barrel so it’s unknown how deep it goes. Taxpayers are being hosed by the union labor contracts that protect them, while most of these people I mentioned make six figures a year with platinum-level health benefits.

The lesson seems to be look out for yourself and feather your nest while protected by the powerful unions that Gov. Phil Murphy supports every time he speaks. Thanks, governor.

The majority of public sector employees do a good job, but these rotten apples aren’t alone.

Brent Metzer

Egg Harbor City

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