Lucky road toll isn’t worse

As long as there are so many idiots on the roads who insist on ignoring the laws and rules of the highways, there will be more and more deaths and injuries. What is so amazing to me is that there are not more casualties. I guess there is such a thing as luck.

Thomas Barrett


Do something for Earth

I heard a great ad on the radio. Basically it said that if everyone does just “one thing” to help the environment, what a difference it would make. I think we all can think of something to help.

I stopped using disposable water bottles and razors. I also try to remember to bring my own reusable shopping bags, and refuse a plastic bag when I don’t need one.

Everyone should try to do a least one thing for planet Earth.

Barbara Olsen

Mays Landing

Expect worst in Mideast

It’s unbelievable that this country faces another possible entanglement in the Middle East. Before the Iraq war, it was weapons of mass destruction, which proved to be a major intelligence error in the Bush and Cheney administration, and thousands on both sides died because of it.

With the Trump administration, I think misleading the public will increase.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton might surpass previous untruths rammed down the American people’s throats. Those who support wars should send their family members first.

Betty Canderan

Cape May Court House

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