Fighting parents ruin lessons of youth sports

A recent story made me wonder what the world is coming to. A group of adults (I use the term loosely) had a full blown fistfight at a little league game. All this degrading behavior in front of the 7 year olds playing the game.

What were these so-called parents thinking? These people should be arrested, fined and jailed. After that they should be banned from attending any of the games.

Little league teaches the kids the right way to play and good sportsmanship. This should also pertain to the adults.

Rooting for your child is good but let them not worry about parents getting involved in classless behavior.

Tony Tartaglio

Mays Landing

Dems getting more done than Trump administration

A recent letter, “Democrats must start addressing US issues,” chastises Democrats for overstepping the Constitution, in particular on their oversight duties.

There are three branches of government and Article One of the Constitution states that the Congress is delegated to exercise oversight of the Executive Branch.

Accused of doing nothing, Democrats multitask, performing their oversight responsibility with legislating. The oversight portion is well covered by the media but little is known about the 290 or so bills passed by the Democratic House that languish in the Republican controlled Senate.

The list of stalled bills includes legislation on health-care reform; climate change; food safety; financial aid for the U.S. Postal Service; job security for wounded veterans; vision care for children; absentee ballot voting and voting security; cybersecurity improvement; and the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Looks like Democrats actually are addressing the peoples’ business.

The administration of President Trump wasted two years without passing legislation on infrastructure, health care, immigration, border security and trade deficits, waiting until it lost the House to complain that nothing is being done.

As for Americans rallying around President Trump’s efforts to get things done in Washington: He didn’t sufficiently condemn the alt-right’s behavior in Charlottesville; in one case he seemed to believe Russia’s President Putin more than U.S. intelligence agencies; has made little effort at bipartisanship; has offended allies; and downplayed Kim Jong-un’s missile tests as short-range.

Critics should research facts rather than relying on biased media’s talking points.

Nick Reina

Egg Harbor Township

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