Awareness, adherence to ride height limits needed

More awareness of ride safety is needed in the summer. As a ride operator at a local amusement area, I’ve seen too many parents unaware of the height requirements place their children on rides.

At all rides there is a sign that informs the individual about height and health requirements, and many times parents/guardians ignore these warnings. Many people get injured on rides all over the country, and these warning signs help determine if the child is tall enough to either ride alone, or needs to ride with an adult. If the child does not meet the minimum height requirement to ride with an adult, the ride operator will advise the parent.

These height requirements are mandated and serve as a safety measure to protect against injuries. People shouldn’t argue with the ride operator, as they are doing their job to ensure people have a great time while on the boardwalk.

Barry Kopf

Egg Harbor Township

Non-drug factors likely for suicides and drop-outs

Regarding the June 17 editorial, “State mustn’t let fiscal need outrun science on marijuana”:

The editorial claims that heavy using teens are less likely to graduate from high school and more likely to commit suicide. Studies that make these connections do not take other factors such as social and psychological predispositions into account.

A lengthy article published in the British Journal of Psychiatry asserts that marijuana use is “unlikely to have a strong effect on risk of completed suicide.” Likewise, a publication on the National Institutes of Health website points out that the relation of marijuana use and dropout rate is “more likely to be the result of omitted variables.”

The headline warns not to “let fiscal need outrun science,” then the article uses weak science to raise questions about the effects of marijuana use. Furthermore, the editorial addresses teenage use when there is no law being proposed that would legalize use of pot by teenagers.

Ron Gaskill


Against Trump economy

I am glad the tax breaks of brave and patriotic commander-in-chief President Trump are trickling down to the citizens. Corporations were handed a huge tax break. Electric bills should be going down, not up.

Everything seems to be going up. Factories are supposed to be returning, but I don’t see them.

I wonder how Trump will spin his bankruptcy of the country onto the back of the Obama administration.

Joyce E. Arndt

Egg Harbor City

Criminals don’t obey laws

Gov. Phil Murphy signed several new gun laws, but they won’t help in shootings like the recent one in Trenton. All that those gun laws are going to do is hurt law-abiding citizens. Murphy should understand that criminals don’t obey laws. That is why they are criminals. I hope the governor learns something from the shootings and comes back to reality.

Robert Carpenter

Egg Harbor City