A.C. rooming houses serve needed workers

The solons of Atlantic City think they have solved one of the greatest problems in order to make Atlantic City great again: that there are too many rooming houses. What is being completely overlooked is that it is not the rooming house in and of itself that causes the problem, but the occupants therein. Many people prefer to live their lives in what to them is a satisfactory quality of life.

The new staying arrangement that is much more of a threat to the area is caused by Airbnbs, Home Away, VRBO, Flipkey and the like. But of course the city has looked much more favorably on such rentals — rentals priced much higher and that attract what they seem to view as a better class of people, those having greater disposable income.

One of the biggest problems created by eliminating properties with longer term rentals like rooming houses is the dearth of housing for workers in local businesses. If the jobs cannot be filled because housing is too costly, does not exist or requires time and cost of transportation, the prospective employees will go elsewhere and local businesses will be very adversely affected. It is not in the memory of many in the city but quite a few employers provided housing for their workers.

Martin Berlow

Atlantic City

Won’t miss Sarah Sanders

Farewell and good riddance to Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary to President Trump. When she did her job she would lie to the American people just like her boss.

Trump is a horrible excuse for a president. I can’t wait to see him gone too, for the sake of the country and its democracy. Drain the toxic waste dump.

Kevin Dolan

Mays Landing

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