No flags on Flag Day

I was very surprised and very disappointed while strolling down the Atlantic City Boardwalk on the lovely June 14 afternoon to see that there was not one American flag up and flowing in the breeze, especially since it was Flag Day. Disrespect at its finest.

Sandi Fontana

Atlantic City

House divided on abortion

Regarding the recent commentary by Angela Denker, “ I wanted to be pro-life, but the pro-life movement forces me to take the other side”:

Interesting piece by Denker, a Christian pastor. She discusses her pro-life to pro-choice shift. It’s puzzling that Christian leaders cannot concur on this subject.

Now I suspect that even God has a take on abortion. What is it? And, who agrees? Who does not? Jesus once said, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). We need to take the hint.

Regarding Pastor Denker’s concern for her bloodstained white robes for leading worship, well, I won’t even go there.

Anthony Navarra

North Cape May

Dems not earning salary

Regarding the recent letter, “Enough investigating, get Congress to do its job”:

The letter writer took the words out of my mouth. What are Democrats doing to earn their six-figure wages? All they do is spend time and taxpayer money on trying to find something against President Trump.

Imagine what we could do if we spent that money and time on the real problems that we have. If these people worked for a buisiness, they would have to account for the money they are making.

Gary Shoff

Egg Harbor Township

City inspector doesn’t follow citizen’s advice

On North Connecticut Avenue I saw an Atlantic City code enforcement vehicle stopped with an inspector sitting in it. I asked if he was checking neighborhood properties and he replied yes. I asked if he had looked at a specific property, where I told him the weeds were waist deep and the bulkhead falling into the water. He said he had not and I suggested he should, since it was no more than 75 feet from where he was sitting. Needless to say he never got out of his van or looked at the property.

Rocco Pepino

Atlantic City

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