Accommodations needed for Ventnor trash disposal

Ventnor City’s City Council and the ACUA have entered into an agreement to provide all residents with trash carts to be used for trash and recyclables. They apparently have not taken into consideration Ventnor’s senior citizen and disabled population.

We are in our 80s and cannot manipulate, push or pull these carts to the curb. We have physical disabilities and maneuvering them is impossible. They are almost as tall as we are. We have called City Hall to no avail. As widows, we have small amounts of trash that fit into food-store bags.

It behooves City Council to make arrangements keeping in mind the Americans with Disabilities Act and make the proper accommodations.

Marcia Goldberg Deborah Feinberg


No bag ban, fine litterers

Recently, Avalon, Stone Harbor and Brigantine passed ordinances banning area merchants from providing plastic shopping bags with purchases because of littering and pollution problems.

I for one find these bans absurd. I’ve seen the viral videos of plastic bags and bottles littering beaches and parts of the ocean, which supposedly was the reason behind the ordinances. But banning a certain product entirely will not make a problem go away.

In my view, it would make more sense if the people allegedly doing this dumping were reported to authorities and prosecuted under illegal dumping laws that we already have on the books. Fine them heavily, or even incarcerate them.

George I. Anderson


NJ should follow NY, ban declawing of cats

Regarding the recent story, “NY could become first state to ban cat declawing”:

I sincerely urge all animal activists in the area to write, call or email their local senators, assemblymen and Gov. Phil Murphy and ask them to enact a similar bill here in New Jersey.

The N.Y. bill, soon to become law, makes it illegal for veterinarians to perform the procedure, which is major surgery removing the bones that a cat’s claws are attached to, cutting tendons and nerves.

Cats shouldn’t have to suffer from this inhumane operation. We must speak up for them. Let New Jersey become the second state to outlaw declawing.

Loretta M. Van Dine


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