History ignored

So, people walk hundreds, even thousands of miles without adequate food and water, no medical care, no shelter, little money, cross into the United States illegally, get put in detention centers that Congress would not fund until recently, then complain about the lack of everything ... and somehow it is President Trump’s fault?

Now some Democrats are calling the detention centers concentration camps. Do they have no shame?

Do they know any history at all? People were rounded up from their homes at gun point, crowded onto cattle cars and shipped to unspeakable death camps where they were starved, shot and gassed, forced into slave labor for the Germans until they starved to death. Mothers were shot with children in their arms. How dare AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and other liberals call the overwhelmed detention centers concentration camps.

Speaking of history, where was the outrage when President Obama held people in detention centers, and deported thousands? It was not that long ago to have forgotten.

The illegal migrants came here of their own free will. They were not forced to leave their homes at gunpoint.

George Moyer

Egg Harbor Township

Let cats loose to kill off city’s excess of rabbits

Recently, my mother, who is a very active senior, was almost killed by a dog chasing a rabbit. Terriers, hounds and such are bred to chase small prey. The dog wasn’t bad. The city is reckless in endangering the lives and safety of its residents with what is emerging as downright pestilence.

I’ve watched very young children put little pieces of rabbit feces (maybe thinking it candy) into their mouths, let alone rolling around in it in yards. Dog owners are mandated to pick up after their dog, but who’s in charge of disposing of the fecal matter of the thousands of rabbits running wild in our streets, damaging expensive landscaping and discouraging residents from beautifying their properties, only to see the destruction these pests wreak?

I’m not against rabbits per se, but cities and municipalities seem to have outlawed cats, small red foxes and other rabbit-discouragers, not giving a thought to how they tamper with small town natural ecology.

I think all you need is one cat on your property to eradicate gophers, voles, moles, rats, bats and the many rabbits infesting a community where walking is a favorite sport.

My mother was flat on her back on the pavement as she was run over by a dog madly chasing a rabbit.

Enough is enough — cats need claws to chase these animals — that’s common sense. We don’t need laws for things common sense can handle.

Carole Christensen Lieff


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