Trump 4th of July costly

President Donald Trump has demonstrated once again how childish, self-centered and mean-spirited he is. He has taken $2.5 million from the Interior Department, including from the operating budget for national parks and from recreation fees, to stage a Fourth of July show that included demonstrating U.S. armaments ae bigger and better than any other nation’s. This money should have been used to showcase this wonderful country’s culture, history and natural beauty, not provide Trump with a celebration.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport was shut down for several hours, disrupting the lives of many travelers, in part so the Blue Angels could fly from there at some additional cost. I think this shows how little Trump cares about others.

I think he is the worst thing to happen to this country since Pearl Harbor.

Carolyn M. LaMountain


Against Testa in 1st

Regarding the recent story, “GOP state Senate candidate asks Nike to donate flag sneakers”:

I think Republican 1st N.J. Legislative District Senate candidate Mike Testa Jr. should be ashamed for turning this issue into a political shot at Democrats and for using it for his political gain around the July 4th holiday.

James Morgan


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