Credit Murphy’s attack on political insider deals

Regarding the recent story, “NJ task force report finds special interests shaped tax credits”:

Nobody should be surprised. Some people that benefited from the tax breaks helped draft the legislation. I think George Norcross and his buddies didn’t want the particulars made public. Awards like $86 million and $40 million aren’t chump change. Holtec’s false statement on being debarred from doing business is just one more scandal. And it happens on all levels of government. Witness President Trump’s federal tax breaks, whose benefits mostly went to corporations and the rich.

Good for Gov. Phil Murphy for pulling the plug on the debacle, even though Norcross was a fundraiser from his own party. The sad part is the average taxpayers who work for a living are twice losers because not only are they excluded from the legislative process, in the end they have to make up for the loss. Pensions, pay, health benefits, social programs and public transportation might need to be cut to balance the budget.

While hot button issues like abortion, racial inequality and gay rights are paraded before the public, the real damage is done behind closed doors by political insiders like Norcross. No wonder many people are disgusted with politics, regardless of their party.

Frank Geiger

Del Haven

Better service to grads of high school sought

As a proud graduate of Atlantic City High School, I am disgusted with what I consider the lackadaisical attitude of its records department. Sending a fax to request an official transcript is an antiquated and inefficient system. Most higher education institutions pay to use online services to send and receive official information. As I approach the deadline to enroll in the fall 2019 semester, my application is lacking one crucial element that ACHS hasn’t sent yet. Atlantic City High School should do more to help its graduates further their education.

Alexandra O’Dwyer

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Volunteers should help take care of immigrants

Religious and civic organizations should organize volunteers to travel to the southern border to take care of mistreated children separated from their parents.

Reportedly infants lack diapers, unwashed toddlers must wear dirty clothes, children’s meals are inadequate.

This is shameful. The Trump administration’s immigration policies are cruel and should not be tolerated. Americans need to compel the agents in charge of this catastrophe to let them in with nourishing meals, clean clothing, diapers, soap and most importantly hugs and kisses.

Lawrence Uniglicht

Galloway Township

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