2017 tax cuts benefited wealthy, firms more

In 2017 Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed a controversial tax bill, saying cutting the corporate rate from 35% to 21% would create jobs and benefit workers.

However, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service recently reported that only 4% of workers received bonuses or pay increases. Even as they cut thousands of jobs, corporations like Wells Fargo, GM and AT&T bought back a trillion dollars worth of their own stock, which benefits stockholders including executives and wealthy investors. Only about half of Americans own stock.

When I started at an AT&T affiliated Bell System company 55 years ago, we knew we wouldn’t get rich, but we had good benefits, a stock plan and a pension, all negotiated by our union, the Communication Workers of America. Loyalty to the company was mutual and we took pride in customer service.

Now AT&T has a global workforce and its customer service isn’t as good.

AT&T has approximately 270,000 employees globally whose 2019 earnings averaged from $49,347 to $131,730 a year.

The chairman, CEO and president, Randall Stephenson, does a little better; in 2018 his compensation totaled $25,600,312.

Bettie J. Reina

Egg Harbor Township

Cyclists’ deaths inspire a tale of learning respect

Regarding the recent deaths of seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire:

With respect to the fallen:

Two by two the club passed by, there was grief in their heart and tears in their eyes.

A family of “cagers” pulled off the road. Mommy was scared, the kids were in awe. “Don’t look at them” daddy unknowingly said. The kids could not help it; they were not scared. As the family proceeded in their closed up “cage,” they noticed that cops were taking the lead. “See I told you kids, that those are bad people.”

Then mommy moved over closer to daddy, the kids turned around to see what was happening. As they went on their way the children were waving. Then out of the mouth of a babe a question was asked.

“Daddy, what are Jarheads?”

Eddie Sorez

Somers Point

Sanctions on Iran risk a war with Iran, Russia

The United States had a very good deal with Iran, won through lots of hard work by President Obama and diplomats with decades of experience.

Then President Trump, with no foreign policy experience at all, comes along and tears it up, I think because Obama’s name was attached to it.

Now Trump seems to be creating a problem when there isn’t one — which he’ll then fix. But this would be a very dangerous game with Iran. It’s like poking them in the eye until they lash out at us, putting sanctions on the Iranians so that they can’t get the goods they need and ruin their economy.

Trump doesn’t seem to grasp that it wouldn’t be only war with Iran, it would be war with Russia and Iran.

Jennifer Benson


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