Leftists attacking US as racist must be stopped

People must speak out against those who are attacking the U.S. flag, its statues and history.

The liberals, the left, seem to have found everything and anything as racist or offensive to their beliefs. They promote tearing down American history and instilling chaos and division in the country. It’s time to stand united against these bullies and their agenda to take America down.

The 13-star flag, a symbol of 13 small Colonies going up against one of the most powerful nations in the world for freedom and independence, recently was attacked, with some on the left considering it racist.

In this region, a statue of Kate Smith, a person who entertained millions for years with her tribute of “God Bless America,” was taken down because leftists said some of her music, all of a sudden, was racist.

People should let their congressional representatives know they’ve had enough and that this must stop now.

Carl Fischbach

Egg Harbor Township

Too many outages in EHT

As my family and I sit inside my sweltering house during the latest of too many power outages, I’m reminded how frequent and inconvenient blackouts have become. I think we average about one power outage at the least every few weeks, many more in inclement weather. I wonder if anything is being done to rectify these frequent outages, such as attempting to replace outdated electrical grids.

I’ve come to think after 29 years that this is the norm for Atlantic County residents and it will never improve.

Jeff Hughes

Egg Harbor Township

Plenty to do at Stockton

A student who attends Stockton University recently said there is nothing to do in the winter. The college has a fantastic gym, workout rooms for students. Many different clubs and organizations with many interests. Radio station WLFR, for one, needs DJ’s etc. Riding bikes on the Boardwalk in the winter. To quote the lady in the article, “Before we start to say what isn’t offered, we have to take advantage of what is offered.”

Joan Power

Galloway Township

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