Online reseller charges way extra for casino show

I recently purchased two tickets to see a comedian at an Atlantic City casino hotel. When I went online looking to purchase the tickets, I was somehow directed to a site and phone number for a third-party ticket seller.

Thinking this was the only option for purchasing the show tickets, and not knowing the actual face value of the tickets, I proceeded to pay $82 each, as well as a service charge of $64.71 (never explained to me) for a total of $228.71.

Upon printing the tickets from the email, I saw the actual cost of each ticket was $45!

Needless to say, the online reseller of tickets to the show would not refund my money and neither the casino nor my credit card company could do anything about what I consider to be a scam. I realize this was my fault and I am writing this letter only in the hope that I can help someone not make my mistake. I sure hope the comedian is as funny as I imagine he’ll be.

Domenic F. Coletta

Ocean City

Ultra-rich control US

It is fascinating how well “The Plot to Destroy Democracy” by Malcolm Nance complements the Mueller report. Corporate control of the government, however, renders the title of the former inaccurate.

Unlimited corporate campaign financing (upheld by Citizens United v. FEC) and dark money give rise to millionaire political operatives controlled by billionaire oligarchs. Campaign finance reform is needed for government to work for the public rather than for private interests. This remedy is impossible when the government insufficiently resists foreign election interferences but also refuses to count votes with the same rigor as dollars (i.e. uniform electronic voting machines with a paper trail).

However, a complicit Congress and a corporate media that continues to not nip the problem in the bud allows the family business of President Donald Trump and its confederates to keep the corruption going and the money flowing.

John Raymond Stanks Jr.


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