A.C. needy neglected

Regarding the recent story, “CRDA reimburses Sister Jean’s Kitchen $300,000 for failed church renovation”:

This has to be one of the worst thought-out actions. Atlantic City and the public at large have turned a blind eye to the needs of their needy population. Not to mention Meals on Wheels and their sorry state.

The enrichment of certain segments of the community reveals who and what our government works for.

Candy Jones

Atlantic City

Little interest in Trout, unlikely to be a Phillie

Paying attention to the daily performance and activities of Mike Trout is getting rather old.

I think the only ones interested in his daily activity as a player for the Los Angeles Angels are his family, relatives and friends, not everyone who follows baseball or sports. Let’s get over the fact he’s not playing for the Phillies and probably won’t for the foreseeable future.

Tom Becker

Mays Landing

Using dead child despicable

I thought the media acted despicably in printing a picture of a deceased immigrant father and daughter. It never prints pictures of children killed in car accidents or from other causes. So this is how the media gets their point across.

It’s bad enough that CNN broadcast the picture, but worse that a political party would use pictures of a dead child to push a political agenda. This adds another reason to close the border to illegal immigration.

Richard J. Shaffer III

Mays Landing

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