Killers should have waited

In response to the letter writer who suggested that Ahmaud Arbery should have waited for the police to show up when he was being stalked by two armed men — it was the son and father who should have waited for the police before they killed that young man!

It wasn’t their “job” to decide who had a right to jog or live in their neighborhood. That was evil.

Karen Aspenberg

Egg Harbor Township

Murphy arbiter of business

Small business owners and all who voted for Gov. Phil Murphy are now receiving their just desserts.

The smug, self-anointed progressive liberal mastermind is now the sole arbitrator of their existence. Good luck with that!

Richard Ming

Atlantic City

S. Korea bested Trump

Please forgive the baseball analogy — but I miss baseball terribly these days

I have been thinking a lot about the awful spread of COVID-19 and why countries such as South Korea, Iceland and New Zealand have fared so much better than us.

The reason appears to me clearer every day, a complete failure of leadership at the highest level despite the incessant warnings of the scientific community. It’s hard to win a baseball game when your starting pitcher gives up 10 runs in the first inning — despite good relief pitching and timely hitting. Ten runs after one inning is too big of a deficit to overcome.

President Trump squandered at least a month in failing to close our borders, urge social distancing, insure adequate PPE and purchase testing equipment. He seemed to choose to ignore the warnings of the best doctors and maintain a focus on the stock market. And he offered palpably wrong information that may have inhibited people from taking preventative measures. The leaders of South Korea used those weeks to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We did not. And now South Korea is virtually 100% recovered while we will lose upwards of 150,000 dead and suffer tremendous economic losses well into the future.

Bad leadership at the top can lose wars, inhibit economic recoveries and now, as I know, not stop the spread of deadly diseases.

Steven D. Scherzer


Everyone biased, cynical

A monopoly on what passes for fair and objective news reporting might be quite all right with both liberals and conservatives. As long as their side has it. Such is my credo on so-called media bias.

These two words are not even an apt description if taken to imply that someone, somewhere is unbiased. We are all swayed by heredity and environment and the outlooks and predispositions which result. Absence of bias doesn’t exist in the real world. It is a guiding ideal, a useful fiction we use to tuck our predispositions inside the footprint of common sense, law and social justice.

I think the charge of media bias is very often a tribal reaction to adversarial ideas and perspectives which the accuser doesn’t want to hear expressed. He feels an urge to censor, but can’t. So he cries media bias instead.

One-sided stories? If they’re the side someone favors, they won’t call them one-sided. They’d call them the plain truth and objective reporting. Only the enemy’s coverage is one-sided.

Republicans claim Associated Press stories show a decided liberal bias. Democrats call Fox News a far-right spin factory.

I think media bias is in the eye of the beholder — readers, viewers, listeners — moreso than in the reporting itself. I think the demand for news products comes from a biased source, the news consumer, who would like tribal viewpoint aired or written as the truth. When that consumer feels slighted about how the news comes across, out comes the complaint of media bias.

Most politically aware people I know don’t care that much about media bias, per se. They just want that bias to coincide with their own.

We have seen the enemy, and it is us.

A bias is a slant. Some things in the world actually are slanted.

Frank Battaglia

Atlantic City

Amusement ride parks too risky to reopen

Regarding the recent story, “Shore amusement parks getting impatient with Murphy about reopening”:

I have gone to two recently opened restaurants with outdoor seating and seeing how they handle customers and sanitizing the tables after dining, I not convinced that ride parks could get close to their level.

Also, how would they handle ride customers sneezing, coughing, laughing and screaming while the ride is in operation? This results in airborne particles that other unsuspecting ride customers may come in contact with. It would be impossible to contact trace. The restaurants I visited have customers’ cell number for this reason.

It may be best for ride parks to remain closed for this year. Unfortunately the mayor of Ocean City doesn’t seem to be thinking as clearly on this as Gov. Phil Murphy.

John Quinn

Ocean City

For Cunningham in 2nd

Regarding the recent story, “Democrats continue to spar over Patrick Kennedy remarks, donation to super PAC”:

The article concerns two Democratic congressional candidates, Brigid Harrison and Amy Kennedy. I want to talk about a third candidate, Will Cunningham. The article speaks of which candidate is beholden to whom and of the work a candidate does as opposed to family connections.

Cunningham is beholden only to the people of this district. He has no connections to power brokers, either in Atlantic or Camden counties, or famous family connections. He is not funded by any PACs or labor, but grassroots support alone.

One candidate is quoted as saying it’s not who you know, but what you do. Cunningham has worked in Congress as an investigator for the House Oversight Committee protecting consumer rights and safety with positive results. He has been out everyday supporting those calling for racial justice.

What experience do the others have? Where have they been supporting their constituents in this trying time?

People should be informed and visit Cunningham’s website before voting and choose the best candidate to defeat Rep. Jeff Van Drew.

Andrea Smith


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