O.C. protest welcome

I appreciated the recent coverage of the police brutality protest from Somers Point to Ocean City. As someone who grew up in the area and has taught college courses on a variety of social issues, it was amazing to see Ocean City, a place so often frozen in time, infused with revolutionary energy. I’m grateful to all the protesters for exercising their rights in service of a truly vital systemic issue.

Juliette Arico


Collings Lakes swamps

Where is the accountability for all the money Folsom collects, not only from the residents in the Collings Lakes Civic Association, but also a certain section of Folsom?

Local officials should be ashamed of themselves. The lakes in Collings Lakes are a disgrace to the town, and have never looked worse.

They are all polluted and disgusting and there are no beaches or play areas. Maybe officials should change the name of the town to Collings Swamps.

And why an area of Folsom has to pay for their mess is astonishing.

It’s disgraceful that the Folsom government has done nothing about this.

Barbara Kelsey


Intervene to stop brutality

Regarding the death of George Floyd I find what happened to him was unconscionable. This police officer had his knee on the back of this man’s neck, so it begs the question why some bystander didn’t try and stop this. Several dozen people were there and witnessed this and no one even tried to stop this police officer. Was it because of being afraid of retribution?

Had I been there I would’ve at least had tried to stop this before Floyd died. I am a white man but I’ll bet no one would have shot me. We of all races and nationalities need to be mindful, and try to help people that are in this situation, instead of just standing there and watching and taking cell phone video.

David Berry Jr.


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