Public vote on marijuana instead of Dem end runs

Every time I read a story regarding the ongoing effort by the Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, state Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin to legalize recreational adult marijuana use, I am reminded how small the rest of us are.

Their agenda to get more tax revenue into their hands from weed is shameless. With the three mentioned elected officials vowing marijuana would become legal, just not now, these officials will horse trade until they get what they want.

I think that most people have made their minds up one way or the other regarding legalization, so that means that in order to sway legislators over to their cause, the big three will have to use another form of currency: favors. We’ve all seen it, “what do you need to change your vote” approaches, like the Alaskan Gravina Island Bridge to Nowhere, a national embarrassment.

Don’t keep trying an end run regarding marijuana, put the question on the 2020 ballot and allow the voters to be heard, then it’s either good to go or we can stop worrying about the slippery slope of legalizing marijuana.

There are many uses for hemp in manufacturing that we could focus on, and keep the smoking or eating of weed with THC in it illegal.

Brent Metzer

Egg Harbor City

A.C. bulkhead needs fixing

For the past 13 years, the city has agreed to fix the dilapidated bulkhead on the north end of Massachusetts Avenue in Atlantic City.

The road has been sinking and we fear it may collapse. We have tanker trucks going to a nearby marina, and traffic is increasing, going to a new bar. Flooding occurs virtually every week. High-end houses are getting flooded on a routine basis.

Now the city, which recently got the approvals and said work would begin in the spring, says money is not there due to the state. This needs to be investigated.

Robert Farrington

Atlantic City

Respect religion, science

I think too many letter writers are concerned about religion vs. science. Waste of time. Put simply, science is based on theory, which is dismissed or accepted using provable facts. Religion is primarily composed of faith. Faith itself is belief without proof.

The two roads do not intersect. Good people have followed both roads, respecting each other’s path. An alternative? John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Michael Maggio

Galloway Township

Deal with violence causes

While I applaud the efforts of the Moms Demand Action, I feel their efforts are misguided. There are more than sufficient gun laws in New Jersey and states with even the strictest gun control laws have some of the highest gun violence.

The problem is not the lack of gun control but the lack of attention to mental health and the root causes of the violence. It is the liberal attitude of politicians tying the hands of law enforcement officials, lack of discipline in schools and the lack of discipline, accountability and responsibility in the home. Unbridled and uncontrolled borders are certainly a contributing factor.

As with the students at Parkland, Florida, it is easy to point the finger at someone else when in fact the problem of bullying has caused violence in many schools.

We need to stop with the high visibility and self-promoting attention tactics and deal realistically with the problem.

Andrew Scheller

South Seaville

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