Beware addiction risk of legal sports gambling

Sports gambling is a possible new addiction for New Jersey. It will also be a new great opportunity for sports betting addiction centers. I can just see former Gov. Chris Christie on TV again.

Better yet, people who have an addictive personality shouldn’t do or take things that ultimately will get them addicted.

Dan Histon

Egg Harbor City

Speeding is dangerous on Fairmount Ave., A.C.

No one seems to be capable of addressing or even interested in the speeding on Fairmount Avenue in Atlantic City, specifically between Sovereign Avenue progressing toward the Albany Avenue bridge.

A petition was formulated and it had over 150 signatures regarding this dangerous issue.

Funny, not a peep from the City Council.

No solution has been proposed, let alone implemented.

People’s cars have been damaged — more than 10 in two years. Last year four cars were totaled. Were tickets issued? Hmmm.

I see school bus drivers, city workers and business owners in their vehicles cut through this area at more than 40 miles per hour. Some of the school bus drivers are chatting on their phones. Mind you, there is a school on Sovereign Avenue.

Just sit there and watch. Sad.

On the occasion that a police car sits there, everyone slows up. Sit there in an unmarked car and you would see how they disregard pedestrians.

I smell a lawsuit should someone be killed or harmed. There’s a duty to protect citizens. Apparently not here.

Sybil Ward

Atlantic City