Constitution is 2020 issue

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the 2020 election will be a referendum on the Constitution and whether the people believe in that document and a nation governed by the rule of law, or some other expediency that is being realized.

It is up to us, the people, to decide the future of this great democracy and may God help us in the making of that decision.

Alfred Harrison


Trump could end probes

What exactly is President Trump’s job? The two of us writing this letter are so sick of hearing that “he’s doing a great job.” Where, how, what?

He recently met with congressional leaders about infrastructure funding and projects. Congressional leaders arrived and the president immediately walked out because Nancy Pelosi had accused him that morning of engaging in a coverup.

He seems to want to obstruct congressional oversight and trash any perceived enemy or political threat by tweet. He might end the investigations by releasing his tax returns, explaining any communications between his campaign and Russians, using money allotted to protect the coming election to safeguard the democratic right to vote, confronting Big Pharma, telling NRA executives and gun manufacturers that assault weapons aren’t needed but more background checks are, and hiring diplomats to engage in foreign diplomacy rather than tweet storms.

Marcia and Dale Colman


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