Dover radar superior for A.C.-area weather

Regarding the recent story, “NJ’s main weather radar is down, but eyes still on the South Jersey sky”:

The radar at Dover Air Force Base is my preferred site. It is closer to the Atlantic City area than Mount Holly, and the intervening terrain, much of it water, is flatter.

I’ve compared the two, and found that the Dover site often shows details in our area that the Mount Holly site does not.

Ernie Mercer


Carpenters appreciate ACIT trades program

Regarding the recent letter, “ACIT seeks to expand further from vocations”:

I must take exception with the writer’s views concerning Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT). As a retired council representative from Carpenters Local 255, I worked shoulder to shoulder with Phil Guenther and Johanna Johnson for 10 years to build a better carpentry program and accept graduating seniors into our apprentice school.

The problem has always been the parents not willing to accept that their child was not college worthy or who consider the building trades to be a dead-end career. Nothing could be further from the truth. I stopped in to visit the carpentry class in February when I came up to visit family and spoke with the instructors. There was a commercial carpentry project being built while I was there. The students were doing an excellent job and I have no doubt that two of them will be accepted into a full apprenticeship upon graduation.

In fact, the space where they were working was recently built by five of our members, four of whom were graduates of the ACIT building trades program.

Our relationship with ACIT was excellent and continues to be excellent.

Rob Boyce

Townsend, Tennessee

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