Democrats must start addressing U.S. issues

My fellow Americans should rally around President Donald Trump because he alone has done everything in his power to get things done in Washington, D.C.

Since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her gavel back, the do-nothing Democrats have persisted in investigation, not legislation. This is not only a disgrace, it’s immoral service to the American people that they cannot or will not work to fix the problems that are getting worse every day — the waste of tax dollars, the suffering going on at the border due to their refusal to come to terms with loopholes in the immigration laws. The denial of these conditions is just another reason that these career politicians don’t deserve to be re-elected. We need to clean our house and elect people who care about what the people want, and not what a political party that won’t govern wants.

We have crumbling infrastructure, health-care issues, restructuring of the immigration system, border-security reform, and trade deficits. But these things need a bi-partisan effort and a united government to become a reality.

The American people have seen their country divided by their own political parties. The stagnant aging establishment of Washington, D.C., is broken. The new House is leaning far left, and socialist-minded, anti-American and anti-Semitic are some of the new factions of the Democratic Party.

This disrespectful attitude, this defiance of U.S. constitutional law, is a travesty of American values.

People should call or write their senators and House representatives and tell them to act and do the right thing for the sake of this great country.

Carl Fischbach

Egg Harbor Township

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