Immigration too distant

One can be assured that congressional action would be astonishingly swift if the tens of thousands of immigrants streaming through the nation’s remote southwest border were streaming into New York City or Washington, D.C.

Carmine Bonanni


Need legal immigration under bipartisan reforms

Regarding the recent letter, “US needs some migrants”:

The letter writer states we need immigrants. We must control our borders, but no walls, even mentions the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, which welcomes immigrants. Same liberal crying argument. We need legal immigrants, not illegal immigrants who flood the borders and cross illegally into this country, receive free college and free health care in California.

My grandparents came to New York from Europe, past the Statue of Liberty, all done legally. No free health care, worked hard. No free education, worked hard.

The U.S. and the present administration is not against immigration into the country. It is against illegal immigration. We are a country of rules and laws. Immigrants must follow our rules and laws to enter our country, just as other countries require.

Walls are required in some instances to combat and control illegal crossings into our country, as is electronic monitoring, and boots on the ground. This is a U.S. problem, not a Democrat or Republican issue. Let’s work together.

Constantine P. Kiamos Jr.

Weymouth Township

Just admit an error

I have been patiently waiting for any politician in office to admit publicly their original vote, act or opinion stated was “wrong” at the time stated, and now have corrected by facts, or a new opinion is now needed.

Intelligent persons must recognize the need to verify their votes or statements by new facts or condition changes. Our legislators at any government level must be willing to face the facts that they were wrong initially and now can accept a new opinion.

There is only “one” who is right all of the time.

Louis Green

Mays Landing

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