Founders put religion in independence declaration

Regarding the recent commentary by Annie Laurie Gaylor, “National Day of Prayer and the U.S. Constitution have been hijacked”:

The writer claims that the U.S. Constitution is a secular document, but offers no proof or where she received her information.

God is active in the world, not on the sidelines watching what men do.

In light of this truth in 1776, expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the obvious question is why didn’t the Constitution use similar language just 11 years later in 1787. The Constitution is a pragmatic text that answers the “how” questions. It is intended simply to give the structure of how the government is to operate. The Declaration of Independence answers a “why” questions.

Article 7 of the Constitution does mention God: “Done in convention … in the year of our Lord.”

The Declaration of Independence five times mentions the God of the Bible. The U.S. Constitution ensures the freedom to practice the Christian religion unimpeded.

Reading history and what the Founding Fathers were talking about let’s us learn from them what is true and factual.

Peter Brescia


Mexico mustn’t allow illegal passage into US

The United States and Mexico struggle to find a compromise to solve the unending flow of immigrants into the United States. The majority are coming from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Mexico is allowing them to cross the border of Guatemala and Belize on their journey to the U.S. It wouldn’t if their destination was Mexico and not the U.S.

The illegal immigration problem could be alleviated if Mexico would not let these people enter their country.

The Mexican government should find a way to secure its southern borders of Guatemala and Belize and put a halt to the flow of illegal immigration into the United States.

David M. Levin


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