Constitution protects against dictatorship

The most dangerous thing we could do as a nation would be to abolish the Electoral College.

It was included in the U.S. Constitution in part to protect the country from a dictatorship. It guarantees that all states have a voice in the electoral process. If not for the Electoral College, we would have a president who would eventually represent the interests of more populated states and people living in less populated states would be out of luck.

The Electoral College, like the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) was to protect us from a form of dictatorship. If everyone would look at the countries where there is a dictatorship, these are countries where citizens are not allowed to own a gun to protect themselves from their own government.

David Barsky

Atlantic City

McCain saved Obamacare

On this past Memorial Day, I was reflecting on the courage of family and friends who have served and sacrificed as members of the military. For some reason, the late Sen. John McCain came to mind.

I rarely agreed politically with the senator, a conservative Republican down to his socks, but admired and respected him.

Here was a guy, a POW for over five years, who refused to accept an early release offered by North Vietnam because his father was an admiral. Here was a guy who again went with his principles and contrary to the wishes of his party, saved Obamacare health benefits for millions. That’s a hero.

Jim McManus

Ocean City

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