Left claims men are toxic to justify its agenda

There’s a deliberate ongoing campaign by the left, with a big assist from militant feminists, to emasculate men — in other words make men less manly. They’ve invented a new phrase to supposedly justify their agenda: “toxic masculinity.” They claim toxic masculinity is a major cause of cultural problems such as racism, women held back in business, divorce resulting in one-parent households, war, you name it. And invariably, it’s the white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant male mainly to blame.

Neither men nor women are perfect, but I bet the guys out there didn’t know just what bad people they are in spite of opening doors for their girls, lifting heavy packages for their wives, holding two jobs to put food on the table and a roof overhead, and trying hard to be a good dad as best as they know how.

As far as war is concerned, what man wants to die? But sometimes an enemy forces one to fight. I can’t help wonder where the country — and the world — would be today if that Greatest Generation (including women but mainly men) hadn’t been self-sacrificing enough, brave enough and, yes, masculine enough to fight and defend this country and its people in World War II. Would we see swastikas flying from every pole and everyone required to bow to the Rising Sun?

In today’s social-engineering atmosphere, pushed by the left for political purposes, when are we going to rebel and just let women be women and men be men as nature intended?

Donald R. Ackermann


Can’t respect a president who isn’t respectful back

Regarding the recent letter, “Harassment by Democrats is juvenile, harmful to US”:

I found it incomprehensible that the writer is accusing Democrats of harassing President Trump when we have a man who holds the highest power in the land, that continually bullies and calls people names, like a 5-year-old kid. That’s what I call grade-school behavior. The person (or persons) who are getting harassed are the American people.

And yes, I was also told to respect whoever is elected president, but I will not respect a person, no matter who they are, who doesn’t respect me back. If it was the decision of the American people through the Electoral College vote, then I can’t figure out why he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

LeeAnn Monzo


NY/NJ Baykeeper grows oysters at Navy pier

Regarding the recent Press editorial, “DEP caution with oyster ventures benefits public, shellfish industry”:

I read with interest the newspaper’s opinion piece. It said, “The story had a happy ending when environmental groups started experimenting with growing oysters in bags off the side of the nearby Earle Naval Weapons Station pier that extends far into the bay and is secured round the clock by heavily armed patrol boats. In 2016, rows of oysters were planted near the pier as a shoreline stabilization project.”

NY/NJ Baykeeper, of which I am communications director, was and still is the only environmental group growing oysters at Naval Weapons Station Earle.

The mission of NY/NJ Baykeeper is to protect, preserve and restore the ecological integrity and productivity of the New York-New Jersey harbor estuary.

Elana Knopp


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