New use for abortion?

A recent political cartoon by Dave Granlund showed Mother Hubbard surrounded by her too many children at their shoe home, next to a sign reading “Alabama Abortion Ban.” She’s on her smartphone complaining, “And I assume you lawmakers will be providing for all of these kids?”

I didn’t know that people, regardless of their opinion of abortion, consider it an acceptable method of birth control.

Patrick Hathaway

Galloway Township

Pro-life can’t be pro guns

With all the uproar about abortion, it’s pretty amazing that pro-lifers are not protesting for more gun regulations. If life is so precious, I think they should voice concern about something else that kills children. It seems very hypocritical to me.

Margaret Caccia

Ocean City

Each person must decide Mueller report meaning

Before someone says no collusion, no obstruction, they should read the Mueller report. The Russian Internet Research Agency began its plan to undermine the U.S. electoral system in 2014. Using social media accounts and fictitious U.S. persona, it sought to sow discord in the U.S. political system. By early 2016 their targeted operations favored candidate Donald Trump and disparaged candidate Hillary Clinton.

As many as 126 million Facebook accounts got misleading and divisive information. The IRA purchased 3,500 advertisements and established dozens of pro-Trump Facebook groups. The Mueller report documented 255 instances of some form of contact between Russians and the Trump campaign.

Part two of the Mueller report focused on obstruction and cited 10 specific instances in which Trump might be considered by some to have obstructed justice. These included the firing of James Comey, pressuring Attorney General Sessions to unrecuse himself, efforts to remove the special counsel and pressuring White House Counsel Don McGahn to deny that he had ordered him to fire Mueller. Other citations include efforts to prevent public disclosure of evidence and his conduct toward Flynn, Manafort and Cohen, alternatively praising or condemning them based upon their perceived cooperation (or lack thereof) with the special counsel. Hundreds of former federal prosecutors signed a letter asserting President Trump would have been charged with obstruction of justice if he didn’t occupy the Oval Office.

Notwithstanding the statements of Attorney General Bill Barr on the report, Trump’s conduct throughout the investigation stinks to high heaven.

Jim Schroeder

Port Republic

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