Extend N.J. smoking bans to floors of A.C. casinos

Today’s world is very confusing. Simple laws should be made simply and for good reasons. Laws are made for the safety and welfare of individuals, but not in the cases of second-hand smoke.

The first class of citizens helped were state workers 30 or 40 years ago, when they were granted their work places to be smoke-free. The second class was the bar and restaurant workers and patrons so they could enjoy food and drink in a healthy environment. The irony is that the third class happens to be the seagulls and the crabs on the beaches where smoking is no longer allowed by law.

All of this leads me to the fourth class and bottom of the chain, which happens to be casino workers that do not even have the luxury of those gulls and crabs. Are we not cared about? Do people think we have families or loved ones that do not care about our safety, health and well-being? Are others apathetic about the wishes and needs of casino workers?

Gov. Phil Murphy, who is doing much for the citizens of New Jersey, should do the same for us — no more and no less.

G. Edward Vlaszac


Trump foe misinformed

Regarding the recent letter, “Stand with Democrats against President Trump:”

Well, everything the letter writer said about one of America’s all-time greatest presidents is untrue. Sadly, this is just another example of a misinformed Democrat who follows an illogical and mindless crowd.

Bob Donnell

Cape May

Impressive speaker at veterans program

We have been attending the annual Veterans Memorial Program at the Atlantic County Veterans Cemetery for several years. This is truly a wonderful and touching ceremony honoring our fallen heroes.

This year we were especially impressed by the keynote speaker, retired Air Force Gen. Mark Loeben, of Galloway Township. His speech gave us the true meaning of Memorial Day. The heart-warming tribute he gave veterans was remarkable. The standing ovation was a tribute to how well his message was received.

More people should attend this event. It requires only an hour of their time to honor those who gave their lives for a lifetime.

Ed and Lorraine Pierce


Credit Mayor Gillian, O.C. for veterans ceremony

My wife, Marie Hayes, and I were honored to attend the annual Ocean City Memorial Day ceremony at the Tabernacle. As always, it was a very inspirational and moving event for the community. We were impressed to hear the many names of those from Ocean City who gave their lives in defense of freedom. As a former U.S. Navy officer, it made me proud to see the packed auditorium of the Tabernacle for this event. Mayor Gillian and Ocean City deserve credit for sponsoring such a beautiful ceremony.

Dave Hayes

Ocean City

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