Yankees played at Bader

Regarding the recent story, “When baseball was Atlantic City’s pastime”:

Nice article, but doesn’t anyone remember the New York Yankees playing at Bader Field during World War II, when teams could not travel for spring training?

I used to watch them play, minus their stars who had gone off to war.

Doug Kleinman

Porter, Maine

NJ balloon ban would help protect its wildlife

New Jersey’s proposed ban on releasing helium balloons would help keep the state beautiful and protect wildlife.

Balloon releases — which sometimes take place at weddings, graduations, memorials and other events — send hundreds or thousands of balloons up into the atmosphere. But when deflated balloons return to Earth, they wreak havoc.

Animals often mistake balloon fragments for food and choke or suffocate when they try to eat them. Balloons can also block animals’ digestive tracts, causing them to starve to death slowly and painfully. Birds can become entangled in balloon remnants, and many have been found dead with bits of Mylar, latex and string wrapped around their necks, beaks and legs. Dolphins, whales and sea turtles also die every year after ingesting deflated balloons, which can resemble jellyfish — one of their food sources.

Instead of aerial littering, choose an environmentally friendly way to mark occasions, such as planting trees or flowers.

And if you spot a balloon or other trash while you’re out enjoying nature, take a second to pick it up — you could save a life.

Lindsay Pollard-Post

Norfolk, Virginia

New Jersey must honor federal do not call list

Here’s a new measure that shouldn’t be necessary. The right thing for New Jersey to do is to honor the federal National Do Not Call Registry. Why is it so hard to honor what the people have wanted for a long time anyway?

If you register on the National Do Not Call Registry, you shouldn’t be getting any of these calls. Unless it’s computerized, the way I get them to stop the calls now is to make them agree to answer a question for every question they ask me. I always use erotic questions and they get more erotic the braver they are to keep the conversation going.

I know they have supervisors walking around monitoring their calls and if they stay on they are also looking for a job the next day. Not as easy getting rid of the computerized calls.

We don’t want them, let’s get rid of them. If you’re not on the list, then enjoy the call.

Patrick M. Matthews

Galloway Township

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