Congress should assert power on border funding

Congress put our Constitution above faction and political careerism. Where is that degree of leadership today, as the constitutional power of Congress to appropriate or withhold funds is under attack.

When President Franklin Roosevelt sought to pack the Supreme Court, congressional members of his own party recognized the threat to the Constitution and stopped him. Would that President Trump’s congressional supporters do likewise regarding the power of Congress power to appropriate funds.

Michael Baldacchini

Cape May

Fund NJ-NY tunnel, not greater border security

Here’s a better use for the border security money requested. New Jersey and New York need a new train tunnel. One built a century ago is leaking and becoming unsafe.

If one of the tunnels is closed, everything would change in the Northeast and probably in the nation as well. Jobs, people and goods that cross under the Hudson River would have to go north via bridges and we simply don’t have enough of them. Traffic would become more of a nightmare than it already is. Prices of everything would increase throughout the country. Jobs would have to move, leaving a flood of unemployment. I think welfare and unemployment would likely triple and housing mortgages would foreclose, as a result of unemployment. There could be more people living on the streets.

President Trump has a different agenda. I want a better explanation of where the cost of his inauguration went.

There is no emergency at the Mexican-United States border, but there is one in Washington. We need to make some very serious and basic changes.

James Aumack

Cape May

Trump vs. corrupt system

It may have happened, I’m not sure, but I doubt there has ever been in this country’s history such an open feeling of hatred for the country’s leader.

Here is a leader whose only goal is to protect the interests of the American people, unimpeded by political cronies. Since he is not part of the political society, he dares to challenge the corrupt system that exists.

Thank God that America has had enough people with common sense to vote him into office. I think those voters will defy the current breed of arrogant and ignorant radical leftists that seek to destroy America as we know it, and re-elect President Trump in 2020.

Thomas Barrett


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