Bullying is the problem

Some of the guilty will never go on trial for the Parkland High School shootings. Nikolas Cruz was bullied and tormented. When he stood up for himself he was counseled, when he was tormented and fought back he was disciplined, not the bullies, not the tormentors.

With Cruz gone they will find someone else to work on. It would have been so nice if the victim (Nikolas Cruz) had just gone home and committed suicide like so many others who couldn’t take it. Then everyone would be happy, with only one family to grieve and a blip in the local papers.

Guns are not the problem, bullying is and if something isn’t done it’s going to happen again. Imagine what it’s like to live with a child on suicide watch because of bullying in school. The schools are well aware of the problem and nothing is done.

Robert Rittenhouse

Ocean View

Church is serving Christ

Regarding the January commentary, “How declining church attendance harms society”:

Having read John Stonestreet’s column addressing the fact of declining church attendance and the socio-economic consequences relative thereto, as well as the opinions his column subsequently generated, it is respectfully noted that while these address the effect, they do not touch on the cause of the decline in attendance.

We are not attending church because we have forgotten why we attend church.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church plainly states that through faith and baptism, all Christians are recognized as members of the body of Christ, that is, the church. And at “the head of the body, the church,” is Christ. We are the members. As such, we who comprise the church are gathered around Christ and united in him.

This creates a bond between Christ and his church, demonstrated by the “unity of all her members with each other as a result of their union with Christ.” This unity is achieved in company with the “diversity of its members,” stimulating “charity among the faithful” which “triumphs over all human divisions.”

As members of the church, it is paramount, therefore, that we remember that it is Christ we are to serve. Attending church is about rendering this service by sharing in the “mission, joy, and sufferings” of Christ in accordance with the sacred scripture, holy tradition, and doctrinal and canonical precepts of the church.

Amidst the cacophonous tumult of daily life, we have lost sight of this. And that, I opine, underlies the decline in church attendance.

Walter J. LaCon


Fighting the deep state

“We the people.” The past hundred years, it’s been more like “the pawns.” We’re led into battle against the opposition party by our kings only to find we’ve once again been duped. Meanwhile, in smoke-filled back rooms, deals have already been made to con and bilk us. The next election we’re back at it ready to beat down fellow Americans we mistake for enemies.

The real enemy is the deep state hydra, only this hydra is not mythical and has literally thousands of heads. It exists in both political parties, and is in the judiciary, the intelligence community, the FBI, the bureaucracy, academia, and worst of all the watchdog media. It seems to have left very little to chance, and yet it has a weakness, the light of truth.

With the sword of truth and the Constitution as armor, we can defeat the beast. Oh deep state hydra, the Council on Foreign Relations is thy true name and your thousands of invitation-only members may inhabit many key posts, but you cannot exist without your web of deceit. The day of reckoning is coming as the people are eager to retake their rightful place as rulers of the republic, and so we go one more time into the fray.

James M. Spickard

Little Egg Harbor Township