Keep old Sea Isle church

Why would the Catholic Church hand down a decree declaring a 134 year old beautiful church as not sacred anymore? Because they want to tear it down and build a new “spiritual center.” That’s hypocritical. It felt very sacred when I was married there in 1977.

Father Perreault should be ashamed of himself. He is dividing a parish over this issue. That is not what a pastor’s job should include. He is supposed to be God’s representative who brings love and unification to his parish. He is doing neither. I think there are many people who do not want one of the last beautiful places in Sea Isle City destroyed. Father Perreault and his small committee should be listening.

Kathleen Dooley

Cape May Court House

Bloomberg wasted money

Michael Bloomberg spent an estimated $500 million because he strongly opposes the current popular and legally elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. Imagine the good Bloomberg could have done with that money. Instead, he chose to further inflate his ego and attempt to unseat President Trump. Animosity can make you do strange things, even spend a fortune.

Thomas Barrett


Backs Bennett for Congress

I’ve been quite perplexed, as if I’m stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. A choice between a corruptive influence in Atlantic City and a corruptive influence in Camden. It’s a very uncomfortable place. How do I choose? I’ve had several people state that it’s a shame that a hometown girl, Ashley Bennett, wouldn’t make it. That’s when I asked myself: Why not Bennett?

Bennett stands for everything I want in a politician. She is honest, she listens to us, she does not owe anybody anything, she isn’t in anyone’s pocket.

She is in this for all of us, not just the friends of some contributors. She strives to understand all of us, not just bowing to the special interests of those who pay to play.

She started as the woman who stood up to the Freeholder John Carmen and took away his seat. She has that strength, voters gave her that power. She has since been transformative in the freeholder seat. How many freeholders have people seen out at community functions? How many freeholders are spearheading that event?

She has experience in politics. She cares about all of South Jersey. She has a lot of wonderful ideas to make South Jersey a thriving place without compromising the people’s integrity. She takes the time to understand everyone.

She is strong enough say when compromise is needed. She is strong enough to tell others when they need to compromise. She is a strong force for South Jersey. We decide who goes to the District of Columbia. We decide who is going to represent all of us. We decide if we are voting for integrity or just someone to beat Rep. Jeff Van Drew.

Susan Swezeny

Egg Harbor Township

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