Hold vote on marijuana instead of limited polls

A recent story reported on a survey regarding marijuana use in New Jersey. The article stated that 62 percent of adults surveyed were in favor of legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Six hundred people were questioned — hardly an adequate representation of peoples’ feelings. There are several questions relevant to this survey, such as where it was it taken, when was it taken, who conducted the survey.

Polls and surveys can be manipulated to make a point for any group that’s conducting the poll. A truer poll of an issue would be to poll or survey people’s feelings through a referendum such as is conducted on the ballot in November. It would have a much larger sampling than the one that was recently conducted, the results of which would be more meaningful.

John Rose


Socialists mischaracterize illegal immigrant harms

Regarding the recent letter, “Immigrant ills overblown”:

Socialist misrepresentations were rampant, in my opinion, in this letter. The writer claims that among migrants apprehended by border agents — intentionally leaving out the words “criminal” and “illegals” — less than one percent are MS-13 gang members. This shows the weakness of a border without walls.

In the last year, the San Diego area has had a big increase in the arrest of illegals. The writer implied illegals are not mostly men. Wrong! The majority are men and 75 percent were in last year’s caravan. Families and unaccompanied children, who typically are over age 16 and quite capable of assault and murder, attempt illegal crossings.

The writer claims the George W. Bush Institute says the “country is strengthened by the contributions of immigrants.” I agree, but the institute supports legal immigration and better enforcement of immigration laws.

The writer says parents desperate to save sons and daughters from gang membership and forced prostitution sell everything they own. In my opinion, this is a socialist fabrication of the truth. I defy this writer to name one such family.

The writer shows her socialism quite plainly by saying she believes “U.S poverty is due more to the mega-rich accumulating wealth,” conveniently forgetting the millions employed by the mega-rich. It’s called capitalism.

The writer says illegals pay “federal, state and local taxes.” But illegals can only have fraudulent Social Security numbers. California’s cost alone is $23 billion a year to support illegals. Socialism, you bet.

Ron Hill

Egg Harbor City

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