Trump must fight climate or be booted from office

In 2012, Donald Trump said the current conception of climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese to reduce U.S. competitiveness. He has since softened that position and said climate is changing and will change back. A multitude of scientific evaluation points to the growing threat that global warming portends.

As of November 2018, 195 countries have signed the Paris Accords on the threat of climate change. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the basis for the Paris agreement. In June 2017, President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the country from the agreement, with an effective date of withdrawal for November 2020.

Trump blurts and tweets with bombastic impudence. I think he hurls nonsensical observations about subjects that he has no grasp of and then turns his back on the proven negative effects that global warming has on the entire planet.

Trump has the audacity to ignore some scientific findings. Solar, wind and electric power sources are clean power and they work. Trump must either get on board with clean energy, resign or be removed from power.

Lee von Doehren

Egg Harbor Township

Proud, proper flag display

Regarding the recent letter, “Waterproof flag for rain”:

I’m proud of the bank for refusing to lower the U.S. flag. It’s good to see pride like that. And more kudos to the letter writer for caring enough to try to find out the proper way to display the flag.

I’m a retired member of the Air Force and was raised on raising, lowering, flying and folding the flag. The flag to which the writer referred is called an all-weather flag.

As far as the light on the flag at night, what the code states is it must be well illuminated. Anytime I see the flag improperly displayed, if possible I pull in and correct that person.

If it’s torn or frayed, I carry several flags in my vehicle and give them to the individual and only ask that they properly display it, no charge. I let them know it’s compliments of a retired military member and don’t give my name. I don’t want credit, just want them to display our flag with pride.

Patrick M. Matthews

Galloway Township

Section 8 aid is income

The federal provision of Section 8 housing is the equivalent to a lawful source of income.

Some people seem to think many Section 8 tenants are lowlifes and criminals. We cannot categorize all people the same way.

In today’s housing market, it is almost impossible for one person to afford market rent. Section 8 people are no different than anybody else receiving government aid. We are surviving because of federal funding.

Under the Fair Housing Act, it is prohibited not to accept Section 8 vouchers. Landlords must use the same standards for accepting tenants whether they are Section 8 or not.

Sarah Kabo


No funds for border

I think President Trump acts immature.

He often has a fit when he doesn’t get his way. He wants border security so badly that he seems to ignore people hurt by his actions, like the last time that he had families trying to make ends meet to feed their children.

Money for border security should be given instead to help children in the hospital, to the vets that did so much to keep the country safe, and to help the elderly with their health care.

Carlos Landrau

Mays Landing

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