Sanders promises empty

I find it astonishing that Sen. Bernie Sanders is a leading candidate of the Democratic Party. As evidenced on his recent “60 Minutes” interview, he does not have any grasp of the substantive details/costs/consequences of his proposed programs. (“Can’t count every nickle and dime,” he said. He should stop insulting the American voter/taxpayer, whom Sanders has sponged off his entire adult life.)

Pair this with his virtually non-existent legislative accomplishments (what has he done in his 29 years in Washington?) and it indicates that he is incapable of executing in Congress, ensuring that his grandiose “revolution” will go nowhere.

For the cherry on top, this man has nothing but praise for socialist/communist forms of government — even honeymooning in the Soviet Union in 1988 — heaping praise on a regime that would crumble three short years later.

I understand the allure of fee stuff — however, nothing is free. Taxpayers fund everything. Therefore, we need to examine these candidates in a thorough fashion. Socialism/communism has never resulted in improved living conditions for any group/nation that has adopted it (other than for the group in charge). We must not only teach history in schools, but must ensure a comprehensive understanding of history, or we are sure to repeat the same mistakes.

For the love of our country and fellow citizens, we shouldn’t let these empty promises go unchallenged. There has to be a better option.

Judd McLaughlin


Reduce 2nd Amendment

As the 2nd Amendment already establishes the “right of the people to keep and bear arms,” it seems that establishing municipal and county 2nd Amendment sanctuary zones is unnecessary and confusing. These proclamations are the expression of fear in an increasingly fearful nation by one of the groups I consider most fearful: gun owners. Gun ownership advocates seem conveniently to ignore the opening of the 2nd Amendment which reads, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state.…” What role does private gun ownership have in creating a well regulated militia? The fact that the most recent foreign power to successfully invade and occupy U.S. continental territory was the British in the War of 1812 makes one wonder as to where in the U.S. the security of a free state is being threatened by invasion.

In a recent article covering Atlantic County’s consideration of the gun sanctuary idea, a gun advocate claimed that “no other constitutional rights are under attack as much as the 2nd Amendment.” How true. I think

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