Flu vaccine is effective

Dozens of children have died from influenza so far this season. Most of them were not vaccinated. Of all influenza-related deaths this year, most were people not vaccinated.

Parents should get their children the flu vaccine. Even when it is ineffective in preventing the flu, it can dramatically lessen effects and duration.

Influenza does not care about workout routines or how many supplements people take or if they eat clean. But arming the immune system with a detailed profile of the enemy does help.

Get the shot.

John W. M. Flaherty

Egg Harbor Township

Abortion sign strange

On the front page of the Feb. 16 World section there was a picture of an abortion rally with a lady carrying a sign that read “Long Live Roe v Wade.”

It seemed kind of strange to have the word “live” on a sign that promotes “the right” to kill.

Frank Murphine 3rd


Return soccer program

I live in the Smithville section of Galloway Township and find it very upsetting that the powers of the local soccer organization of Galloway United Soccer did away with their soccer program for boys up to 12 years of age and girls up to age 13.

Why are there no longer any divisions for these older boys and girls to play? Keeping these kids off the streets and out of trouble and having them playing a sport they enjoy and love is the smart thing to do.

David McNabb

Galloway Township

Support gun restrictions and anti-gun politicians

I heard House Speaker Paul Ryan say, “This is not the time to jump to some conclusion not knowing the full facts,” This is the response every time there is a mass shooting in America. Members of Congress accuse people advocating for sensible gun legislation of trying to politicize the issue at a time of national grieving.

Now is the time. Enough is enough.

We need sensible gun legislation now, a ban on military style assault weapons, bump stocks and high capacity magazines. Then legislation for universal background checks for all gun sales. Ninety percent of Americans support universal background checks.

The deep sadness and gravity of the latest mass shooting in Florida is compounded by the feeling that nothing will be done. Congress should pass bill 2095, the Assault Weapon Ban of 2017, introduced by Sen. Diane Feinstein and co-sponsored by New Jersey Sens. Cory Booker and Robert Menendez. People should vote for candidates who do not take money from the National Rifle Association or are endorsed by the organization. Frank LoBiondo is supported by the NRA and is retiring.

The Democrat favored to replace him, state Sen. Jeff Van Drew, also is backed by the NRA. His voting record on progressive initiatives as a whole is awful. People should support viable progressive Democrats instead.

Christine Gorham

Ocean City

National Anthem devolves

Regarding the Feb. 18 story, “A sexy national anthem? Fergie tried at All-Star Game”:

I was amazed to hear the National Anthem devolve from a song about a great military victory to a B grade adult film soundtrack.

Michael Maggio

Galloway Township