There once was a virus from Wuhan …

The virus corona came yesterday, affecting us all — that I would say.

Now, no handshakes and tugging. No kissing or hugging.

Best to smile or wave or say “Namaste.”

George Bassett


Gun safety, not sanctuary

Cape May County, Upper Township or other governments that cannot override state or federal law — their designation of a Second Amendment sanctuary is meaningless. Except to stab the hearts of victims of gun violence, their families and communities.

Open carry hand guns, conceal carry without a permit, assault rifles, silencers, 100 round drums are all still illegal in New Jersey. Under laws never deemed unconstitutional.

And for those who say “it’s not the gun, criminals shoot people,” I say bull. Think of the toddler who found a handgun and fatally shot himself. His case was one of at least 73 accidental child gun deaths in 2018.

Stop wasting time. Be productive. Promote responsible gun ownership. Promote locking guns/ammo especially in households with minors. Firearms are the second leading cause of death for children/teens. Whether by suicide or the famous accidental shooting. I think there is no such thing as an accident when someone is shot. It’s anything from gross negligence to criminal negligence to lawlessness. Promote awareness of responsible gun practices where children or grandchildren visit (sleepover). Promote recognizing signs of potential suicide. Promote gun law awareness. Promote “see something, say something” when it comes to possible threats.

Tens of thousands are killed by guns in America every year.

If gun owners want a real sanctuary, they should make gun safety a priority in their communities and households.

Robert Challender


Take action against litter

One needs only to look at any roadside to realize we are losing the battle on litter. Plastic bags, bottles, cans and entire bags of trash tossed without regard for our environment.

Despite a public service announcement from the ’70s featuring a Native American crying over pollution, little has changed. We need a vigorous anti-litter program.

Adults, what habits are we teaching our youth? Litter is illegal and immoral. When young people participate in community cleanups they are horrified that the Earth is so disrespected.

How can you help? Stop using single use plastic bags and support the bag ban. Participate in community cleanups or start your own. Pick up litter where you walk. Organize a cleanup and encourage pride in your own neighborhood. Become a member of your township green team. I’m a member of the Sustainable Township of Hamilton Green Team.

Our Earth provides for us of all that we need to thrive. We should show our gratitude by keeping it clean.

Audrey Palumbo

Mays Landing

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