More questions for Ørsted

Ørsted hosted a very nice exhibit of its proposed wind generator installation 15 miles off the coast. To me the elephant in the room was the cost of the electricity to consumers and taxpayers. How long to pay back the investment? How much for maintenance for engineers and ships to service the machines? What is their life expectancy? Who is responsible if a storm like Sandy damages the machines?

Ørsted advertises something called “hydrogen electrolysis” for a neutral carbon footprint, so is this technology included? When I asked my assemblyman, his eyes glazed over. We need better representation with Ørsted. Let’s move forward responsibly.

Scott Fuerman

Atlantic City

Klobuchar, Romney heroes

Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Mitt Romney are my heroes. Different genders, different religions, different states, different generations, but both have behaved heroically. In America’s highly tribalistic political environment, most suborn reason and the rule of law and back fellow tribe members, no matter how foul.

Klobuchar, alone in her tribe, raised her hand objecting to a socialist like Bernie Sanders on the ticket. Sanders has a radical and unaffordable legislative plan. She is a hero to confront reactions of Sander’s fanatical base and millions of financial supporters.

Romney — alone in his tribe — voted to convict in the impeachment of President Trump. Romney is a hero to confront reactions of Trump’s fanatical base and Trump’s financial reserves. Klobuchar and Romney are exactly the kind of heroes America needs today.

Michael Ryan

Mays Landing

Border, home security alike

There is a lot of criticism of President Trump for his commitment to building a secure border wall to ensure our protection. People do not realize the importance of this project.

I think all the protesters of it should leave their property with the doors and windows open and unlocked, and let people invite themselves in. See how that works out.

Let’s put America first.

Giancarlo Ioannucci

Galloway Township

Want Van Drew town hall

I think Congressman Van Drew should stand in front of his constituents at an open microphone town hall. The people of the 2nd Congressional District deserve the opportunity to ask him uncensored questions for an hour or so. This would be democracy in action.

Michael J. Makara

Mays Landing

Let sanctuaries cost others

Darn right we don‘t want to be a sanctuary state. Let the feds who write the laws designate their home state a sanctuary state and let them pay the bills associated with the illegal immigrants. Better yet, make Washington, D.C., a sanctuary district and send all the illegal immigrants there.

Bernard Matthews

Ocean City

EHC’s Mays should resign

Regarding the recent story, “EHC councilman chastised by resident and colleagues for earlier comments”:

Egg Harbor City Councilman Clifford Mays Jr. should not only apologize, but resign immediately. There is no place for comments I consider racist. Had he been white and made derogatory racist remarks, he would have been drummed out in a heartbeat. He is a disgrace.

William Mills

Galloway Township

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