Grateful for church use as haven for homeless

Regarding the recent story, “Cape seeks solution to growing homeless issue”:

On a cold morning my heart felt great warmth after reading this story. Cape Community Church of Middle Township is led by Bible fellowship church planter Pastor Brad Boyer. He and a handful of people are making it possible to use the church as a Code Blue warming center for homeless people who reside in Cape May County.

We are all links in a chain connected to our anchor of hope, being used to offer mercy to those in need. With a grateful heart I salute those at Cape Community Church for their efforts to reach the least of these. They are providing a much needed fair haven, a safe port, in a time of storm.

Denise J. Moyer

Mays Landing

Exile from senior center upsets Little Egg seniors

September is National Senior Center Month. Across the country, nearly 11,000 centers serve 1 million older adults, but this year there will be one less center.

Little Egg Harbor Township has decided that after 20 years, the building located at 641 Radio Road no longer had to be used only for seniors and that they were looking to put some other programs in the building.

The mayor called it an opportunity to consolidate community groups in the Community Center located about a mile away, which advertises itself as a “great place to bring the kids for fun and games.”

The senior center was built with grant money that was earmarked for seniors groups, such as those that have utilized the building for years and believe that it should remain their home.

Senior citizens said that they were never consulted about being moved elsewhere and were upset when they were told that they couldn’t meet in the senior center anymore.

This is not the first complaint this year about the lack transparency around decisions made by the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee.

Issues dealing with senior citizens are considered by some as a third rail of politics because a higher percentage of seniors vote than other age groups.

Art Mooney

Little Egg Harbor Township

Can’t wait to enjoy Hammonton’s Little Italy

Regarding the recent story, “Group working to identify Hammonton’s Little Italy”:

I loved the front page feature about designating a Little Italy section in Hammonton. I hope they create it, put signs up and paint the streets proudly in the section.

Hammonton rocks and keeps our Italian heritage alive.

Carrie Stanhope

Little Egg Harbor Township

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