Possible anti-Dems bias

Regarding the recent letter, “Strong case against Dems”:

I would like to add some context to this letter. The writer references author Peter Schweizer and his books as evidence of corruption apparently rampant among Democrats. Bill and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are mentioned in the letter as well as two of Schweizer’s books (“Clinton Cash” and “Profiles in Corruption”).

Wikipedia information on Schweizer and his books included that Schweitzer is an editor at large on the Breitbart staff. (Breitbart is an ultra right wing news organization). Beyond that, reviews of his works by other news organizations used terms such as “plagiarism,” “factual errors” and “trafficking in speculation” to describe his investigative reporting.

People would be well advised to cast a jaundiced eye on Schweizer’s work in that his investigative reporting may well be colored and influenced by his political opinions.

Stephen J. Spahn


Pro-gun position extreme

Recently, the ugly head of gun extremism has arisen in Atlantic County, under the guise of urging the freeholders to declare the county a Second Amendment sanctuary. This designation is not only unnecessary (because the Constitution applies everywhere in the America. Duh!), but it might serve to create lawlessness and aggressive disregard for sound control of firearms ownership and possession.

The gun sanctuary advocates’ campaign is based on unfounded fears of massive governmental confiscation of guns, absent any overriding reason for such confiscation. I’ve followed the gun debate since the 1970s, and, believe me: no one is coming for their guns.

Getting guns out of the hands of mentally ill or threatening people is a good thing. People who can’t or won’t control themselves do not deserve the privilege of owning guns. People who argue otherwise aren’t paying attention or are making money off the gun trade.

Screening everyone who wants to buy a gun is also a good thing. Increasing penalties for owning guns illegally, and for using guns in the commission of a crime, would also help deter those inclined to flout the law.

Atlantic County freeholders must ensure that we do not become a haven for disrespect for the law.

Dan Bachalis


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