Let professionals decide how to secure borders

Regarding the recent letter, “Immigrant ills overblown”:

This country is not against immigration or migrants. Many are against illegal immigration and illegal migrants. The writer refers to the 1.6 million migrants arrested in 2000, never once mentioning the word illegal in her entire post. They are not migrants. They are illegal migrants, illegal immigrants.

The country has laws, rules and regulations in place for lawful immigration. Illegal border crossing is not lawful immigration. Such people are here illegally and should have no expectation or right to housing, food, medical and free college at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have made it clear they will obstruct, obstruct and obstruct. Let the professionals — not the Republicans or Democrats — in law enforcement, security and the military decide the best security posture on U.S. borders. Walls do work.

America’s security should be first and foremost.

Constantine P. Kiamos Jr.

Weymouth Township

Donations to Red Cross assist NJ families in need

Every eight minutes, American Red Cross volunteers meet a family devastated by a home fire or other disaster. When a family has lost nearly everything, they rely on generous Red Cross supporters for relief and hope.

On March 27, Red Cross Giving Day, families are counting on such support. The need for disaster relief is constant. Last year, the Red Cross helped 2,250 New Jersey families affected by home fires with assistance for shelter, food and clothing.

Donations may be made at redcross.org/givingday. Donating $88.50 can provide a family of three with a day’s worth of food, blankets and other essentials. A donation of $60 can help provide six people with a nourishing meal.

This Giving Day, our goal is to help 25,000 families affected by disaster.

Each day, our lifesaving mission is powered by compassionate volunteers and donors. We are grateful for this commitment.

Gary Conover

Galloway Township

Board chair, American Red Cross New Jersey Southern Shore

Safety bans going too far

Regarding the recent item, “The Hartford Yard Goats baseball stadium will go peanut-free this season”:

I was not aware that peanuts were being force-fed to children. For 65 years I’ve been going to baseball games, with their peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs and drinks. The experience is about as American as you can get.

I’m allergic to women’s perfume. Can we please ban that too and anything else that people object to?

Richard Lewis


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