Partisan strife strengthens

What Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg Address more than 150 years ago is as true now as it was then. “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing if that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.”

I’m hoping that the saying, what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, is true.

Michael Santambrogio

Egg Harbor Township

Bridge disappoints so far

I don’t understand the engineering of the new Garden State Parkway bridge into Cape May County. Originally I thought what is now the northbound span was to be redecked in a short period of time. Now I have watched as they have slowly replaced all of the horizontal beams and redone the entire bridge, except the vertical support columns.

Why did they go through this and leave a bridge that is significantly lower than the new four lane bridge? Also, for now drivers are using the narrow two lane northbound old section all the while two of the lanes on the new structure are not being utilized. And the pedestrian/bike lane is wasted.

John Regina


Van Drew should back Green New Deal effort

A Food and Water Watch rally recently was held outside the Mays Landing office of Rep. Jeff Van Drew, in support of a Green New Deal. His staff helpfully remained past the 4 p.m. closing time to accept the petitions with his constituent’s signatures, asking him to support a Green New Deal.

Many people in the N.J. Congressional Second District have been adversely affected by rising sea levels and increasingly severe storms. The flooding caused by rising sea levels is a constant issue in many areas of the district, and is getting increasingly worse.

The need to address climate change is real. I hope Van Drew is taking into consideration his constituent’s request to support a Green New Deal.

Helen Dudda


Give NJ business appeal

If our elected officials would do what they are supposed to do — improve our schools and infrastructure, start to rebuild our cities (Atlantic City would be a good example), create a favorable tax structure for everyone and make New Jersey a showpiece of a place to live, then companies would want to come here and we wouldn’t have to pay them to do it.

Bill Bradley

Somers Point

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