A better manager form

The supporters of the proposed change to Atlantic City’s form of government continue to state that a municipal manager system would lead to a more efficient and effective City Hall. If that’s the case, I keep wondering why the petitioners didn’t choose the municipal manager form of government that’s possible under the Faulkner Act?

A form of government under the Faulkner Act — even the council-manager form — would keep neighborhood wards and keep the power of initiative and referendum. Instead, they chose a form of government from 1923 that takes away both those things: neighborhood wards and initiative and referendum rights.

Without neighborhood wards, all five city council members could theoretically live on the same street. And without initiative and referendum power, the residents couldn’t challenge by petition an ordinance approved by council. So, is this really about residents having a more efficient and effective government?

I hope the voters of Atlantic City see this for the brazen, undemocratic power grab that it is and vote no on March 31.

Helen Kioukis

Atlantic City

Make casinos pay for A.C.

Once again in the last six months, I had the opportunity to open up a letter from the city of Atlantic City for my property taxes that are going up. The increase was every bit 40% since July 2019.

I can’t understand how the city of Atlantic City, Mayor Marty Small, my ward Councilman Jesse Kurtz and other elected officials continue to allow this disgraceful, disgusting and depressing behavior to continue.

There’s no reason why the casinos don’t pull their weight. I can’t explain why their business is behind or ahead of the game regardless of their businesses. They should be paying their fair share to help support this city and the reason why there’s a larger infrastructure that is police, fire, schools etc. is all to handle the influx of people coming into the city, either to work for the casinos or to gamble in their properties. I’m quite sure sports gambling has helped increase their share of the market in Atlantic City and the East Coast.

Maybe the real goal in mind is to chase everybody out of the city of Atlantic City, level all the properties and build something else, but they’re continuing to drive people away from this area. I’m very disgusted with what’s going on. Something’s got to change.

Lou Frankel

Atlantic City

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